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  • Move Outside

    Move Outside

    Feel the positive change in your workout and in your life when you move outside with E Fitness. Challenge yourself as you sculpt your body and nurish your well being.
  • Move Outside

    E Fitness Atlanta has developed a complete program that knocks down the barriers of a conventional gym workout and will inspire you to challenge your body in a whole new way.

    Our workouts provide the most effective indoor and outdoor training to get maximum results and reach your individual fitness goals.

    Each session is designed to sculpt your muscles and build your cardiovascular endurance. You’ll feel more alert, refreshed and stronger after just one workout.

  • Feel The Difference

    Feel The Difference

    Our expert trainers will push your athletic performance to new heights & redefine what your thought was possible. Get ready for a change in how you look and feel.
  • Feel The Difference

    Improve your body, health, and overall wellness with E Fitness Atlanta.

    Our sessions are intense yet achievable, and they are open to everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. Our experienced trainers understand that everyone has different fitness abilities and goals. They will work with your fitness level and pull your best efforts out.

    Tone your stomach, legs, butt, chest and arms while increasing your stamina and energy level. E Fitness trainers will guide, motivate and ensure each member is using proper form to prevent injury and have the most effective workout.

  • See the Change

    See the Change

    Whether you are an athelete looking to add speed and power to your game, or you are simply ready to get in shape, you will see an improvement in your body & performance.
  • See The Change

    Our goal is simple: to lead high-intensity yet safe & sustainable workouts that produce maximum results.

    Be amazed at the physical and mental changes you are capable of with the foundation of professional training and positive support from both our trainers and members.

    Our group size is limited so that we can deliver semi-personal training in a friendly and motivational atmosphere.

    We strongly believe that pushing your physical limits during workouts not only results in measurable change in your body; it also translates into success in other areas of your life.




Changing poor health habits is hard to do. It’s common for people to avoid making time for fitness or feel unmotivated when they don’t see any improvement in their body. Deciding that you can do better for your body than what you’re doing now is the first step towards better health. Our trainers at E Fitness can help you plan a fitness schedule and pick a program that works for your lifestyle and your fitness goals. Show us your commitment, and we’ll help you achieve the rest.


E Fitness Atlanta believe that serious motivation comes from a positive place. Our fitness programs are dynamic, fun and incorporate new elements that inspire our members to challenge their bodies in a different way each session. We combat gym boredom with our highly effective indoor and outdoor sessions that leave you feeling alert, uplifted and rejuvenated.


E Fitness Atlanta inspires people of all fitness levels to reach their own level of optimum performance. We customize all of our group E Fitness workouts depending on your personal goals, and take into consideration an injury or help sculpting a particular area of your body. Our semi-personal training is designed to bring out your best efforts and produce maximum results so that you can achieve the body you want.


Many people come to us because they are stuck in a routine that is simply not working. Our programs are designed to kickstart your metablism by using muscle confusion. By offering dynamic, ever changing sessions that incorporate new elements, your body will continue to respond to the workouts while keeping you constantly challenged and engaged.


We believe in there is strength in numbers, and that’s why our small group classes benefit not only from having a foundation of professional training but also the support, camaraderie and encouragement from other members. E Fitness Atlanta maintains a friendly, highly motivated atmosphere for members to push each other towards their fitness goals


Our reputation for success continues to be built by word-of-mouth by our loyal members that have made a positive change in their bodies and their lives. Our belief in working out hard, eating clean, and celebrating the small successes along the way has transformed into more than just a fitness program. It’s a way of life.